Video conferencing technology has reached the tipping point of adoption and is now a standard option for holding professional meetings. Practicing business efficiently and effectively is expected in today’s workplace, and this progressive tool allows you to accomplish this – and helps you balance your travel time, workload and family life overall.

Fisher’s high-quality video conferencing equipment, network of convenient locations, and complete scheduling and onsite support allows you to have face-to-face meetings via video without missing a beat. We strive to recreate rich, roundtable experiences that go beyond desktop-style video chatting. Advanced communication, document preparation, proper room set up and integrated presentation tools help us achieve this.

We realize the last thing you want when trying to conduct your business is to be distracted by technological glitches.  Because of this, we provide the human element of support – something that technology inherently requires – and strive to minimize any issues so you can focus on your business at hand, not the technology.


We host a variety of meetings & events over our video conferencing platform, including:

  • Legal Depositions
  • Board Meetings
  • Job Interviews
  • Sales & New Business Pitches
  • Staff Meetings
  • Training Sessions
  • Seminars


We offer competitive hourly rates and packages for various scenarios and events.

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We offer bridging services and support for multi-point video conferencing connections.


The equipment we’ve invested in that makes for great video connections.

– Polycom HDX8000 Series Equipment
– Dedicated, High-Bandwidth IP Connections (ISDN bridging available)
– Quality of Service Routers For Stability and Clarity
– Large, Clear HD Screens
– Wide Angle Cameras with Eye Tracking For Natural Engagement
– Echo Cancelling Microphones for Crisp and Defined Audio

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