We are your certified TrialDirector Support Specialists and Trainers!

We can offer you reliable, affordable and effective trial presentation support. We can also train your staff to become your own in-house TrialDirector support resource. We can travel anywhere you need us to help you with these things, and we can arrange for face-to-face prep and training sessions via video conference for increased flexibility and affordability. We’ve been officially certified by InData’s TrialDirector program in Phoenix, and have successfully supported many trials over the last several years.


What We Offer:

  • Trial Materials Consultation and Preparation Guidance, including organization, digitization, video sync to transcript, clip creation and more.
  • Presentation Rehearsal, either in person or over video conferencing. Distance  is no obstacle.
  • In-Trial Presentation & Technical Support
  • Mobile Electronic Courtroom Presentation System. Click here for more information.

Fisher’s Certified Trainers and Technicians


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TrialDirector is an incredibly effective program that allows you to organize and present your materials on the fly in a seamless and dynamic way.

TrialDirector Demo Video

Click here to learn more about the TrialDirector program and see how it can completely enhance and streamline your trial presentation.


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