Executive Meeting Rooms

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With our room bookings, we provide complimentary beverage and snack service, including coffee, tea, water and soda, along with pastry or cookie bites, fruit and candy. Additional charges may apply for larger groups or additional catering requests. Wi-fi is included, of course, and onsite printing is available.


Odeum: Full

The Odeum conference room, when opened to its full size, is our most spacious and versatile room. It features (4) 5’, fully-wired conference tables that can be configured into a large boardroom style table to seat 16+, a large square to seat approximately 14, or can be positioned in a number of ways for workshop or classroom type space, pushed against the wall, or removed completely for theater seating or open-floor and standing functions for up to around 30.


Odeum: East, West

The Odeum conference space can be divided by a large acoustically sound accordion wall, creating 2 individual conference rooms, East + West, each accommodating 8-10 seated around the table, or several more with additional peripheral seating.



Mirador is a lofty and beautifully bright 2nd floor conference room with peeking views of the Bridger mountains. It is an executive board room that has a custom 12’ conference table, and will seat 10-12 people.



This 2nd-floor room with stair access has large windows and high ceilings, and can be used as a small conference room, seating up to 6, or for smaller work sessions, hourly or day-use private office space.


Couloir Gallery & Building Space

The building has beautiful wall space throughout for showcasing art or photography. The gallery may be available for showcasing work and for artists to hold collection debut events. Call to discuss.