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We feel that the art of good service is often lost in today’s world. We’ve made it our goal to provide impeccable service.

The Fisher staff is by far one of the most accommodating, supportive, detailed and talented groups of people around. Hospitality is our #1 priority, and there very few requests you could ask that are too big or too small. We strive to make your job easier and your overall experience comfortable by giving you the support, services and facilities you need to perform at your best.

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Charles Fisher – Founder/Principal

After a tour in Vietnam, he returned to Montana and moved to Missoula to begin college at the University of Montana on the GI bill, but found that the university wasn’t really for him at the time. Having a mind and acumen for business and a penchant for hard work, he got into the recycling business with some friends and started the first recycling centers around Montana. He met Laura during this time, and they soon married. When they found out they were having their first child, they decided to seek a new professional career path. Searching for information on court reporting and for a change of scenery, they loaded up and headed off to Phoenix where he began school. Missing home and discovering that Phoenix was not quite where they wanted to start their business, Chuck and Laura decided to finish his schooling in Seattle, and then return home to Montana to establish their business. And Fisher Court Reporting was born.


Chuck has spent nearly 40 years court reporting and building his business with Laura, working out of various buildings in Bozeman, moving eastward down Mendenhall, ultimately to a little brick house where they spent most of their time churning and growing. He also relentlessly traveled the state and around the country reporting, and has incredible stories to tell about all the crazy and interesting adventures he’s had with many attorneys around the state.

About 10 years ago, having a vision to help alleviate some of that ongoing travel for the business, Chuck decided to open several Fisher hubs around the state to offer video conferencing and to be able to connect people for business in a meaningful way that would help save time, travel and expense. The business has continued to grow from there and currently supports a crew of 20+ people.

Over the years, Chuck and Laura loved to have a boat and bring their kids to the cabin at the lake during the summers. He loves music, playing the guitar, landscaping and working on projects. He mostly loves flying his Cessna 182 airplane which has continued for decades, flying all over the country, Canada, into the back country, and lately down into Mexico on the Baja, where he a Laura have found a wonderful little community to enjoy the sun and boat on the ocean amongst the sea creatures, when they’re not up in Montana working. He adores his 5 grandchildren who adore their “Pop”.


Laura Fisher – Founder/Business Manager

Laura grew up in Missoula with her parents, three sisters and a brother, played the viola in the school symphony while attending Sentinel High School and then attended the University of Montana and Technology College.

Upon graduation, she met Chuck in Missoula while at the university. They soon married, and while Chuck worked to establish a recycling program in Missoula and the State of Montana, Laura worked at various jobs in Missoula in the medical field and then at the County handing out food stamps. They moved to Richland, Washington, where she worked at Westinghouse, then back to Great Falls, Montana to be with family. When they found out they were having their first child, they realized they needed to establish a more stable career in order to support their young family. Chuck came upon the idea of becoming a court reporter through a friend in Miles City and decided to move to Phoenix where Chuck attended school. While there, she worked in a court reporting firm, learning the ins-and-outs of the business, and as an administrator at the hospital, all while Chuck took classes. Disliking the desert heat, they decided to move to cooler Seattle where Chuck finished his schooling.


Knowing in her heart that she loved Montana, Laura convinced Chuck to move back to Bozeman where they founded Fisher Court Reporting in 1978 once Chuck graduated. They set up shop on West Mendenhall in Bozeman, and began pounding the pavement to meet attorneys and book depositions as they grew their family and tirelessly worked to establish the business. Laura did proofreading of transcripts, business management, finances, and was likely one of the first legal videographers in the state. They purchased a giant, overly expensive video camera when they first came out on a consumer-commercial level, and started taking video while Chuck reported. Over the years, she has continued to work incredibly hard, traveling the state over, videoing depositions, managing the business, and working with Chuck to cultivate a great group of reporters and staff, and to grow a wonderful clientele as the business has expanded across the state.

Laura loves to paint, to cook, to read, to travel and fly with Chuck on their excursions around the states and down to their little “casitas” on the Baja in Mexico when not up in Montana working, and to boat on the lake and ocean. She mostly loves spending time with her kids and family, and her 5 beautiful grandchildren.


Carisa Fisher – Trial Support & Visual Strategy, Video Production & Business Development

My tasks at Fisher include trial support and visual strategy development, technology management, video production, general business development, marketing, meeting hosting, events, training, and a variety of other tasks.

Over the past ten years, since returning home and joining the family business, I have gotten the opportunity to participate in some premiere trial strategy training courses, developing my skills in visual story telling and strategic analysis of cases. I’ve been a part of some fantastic trial teams and have worked with brilliant attorneys on challenging and interesting projects. I enjoy contributing in the court room, working with attorneys to build the strategic visual backbone of their case, providing TrialDirector support, bringing in effective electronic courtroom setups, as well as creating video settlement pieces and facilitating focus groups in preparation for trial.

Having grown up in this beautiful state, I’ve always been a Montana kid at heart, despite perhaps a wanderlust for foreign lands and travel in general. I attended the University of Montana following high school, and then moved to Seattle, finishing my degree in English Literature at the University of Washington.


During my time in Seattle, I became involved in public relations, advertising and marketing, and over the years, have worked for some amazing companies, including Vandenberg Communications, Publicis Seattle, and Neverstop. These opportunities gave me exposure to high-level business and high-profile cultural marketing, as well as some great experience and skills in multimedia development, communications and business overall.

Some of my more notable projects included contributing to PR campaigns for wineries in the Washington wine country, for bands including Brad, Chris Robinson and Pearl Jam, and for projects like Voters for Choice and Donate Life Northwest. I also gained experience as an account manager and producer for projects including a sponsorship for Microsoft Zune for Tokion Magazine’s CreativityNow Conference held at Cooper Union School in NYC, a website piece for Where in the World is Matt Lauer for NBC, a webisode portal for Microsoft Vista, and a multifaceted campaign and event at the Democratic National Convention in Denver for Cricket Wireless. I also had the opportunity to work on other new business pitches for Nike, Banana Republic, W Hotels, Belvedere Vodka, and many more interesting brands.

I returned home to Montana in late 2008 to help expand and develop the family business. I enjoy being able to provide great service and support to our clients, and to work to evolve our offerings to be as progressive and useful as possible.

Personally, I love playing in the mountains, skiing, camping, and spending time with my boyfriend, friends and family, which include my 5 adorable nieces and nephews. My passions and pursuits lie within the intersection of business and creativity. I love technology, photography and video production, entrepreneurial pursuits, architectural and interior design, the art of food and wine, travel, creative and inspired living, and singing and playing music.

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Kasey Fisher – Court Reporter

Hi, I’m Kasey, one of the Fisher daughters and court reporter in our family business. Having been raised in this great industry and company with my parents, I knew court reporting was what I wanted to do when I grew up! I went to court reporting school at Green River Community College in Auburn, Washington from 1999-2002 and immediately returned to Bozeman to begin my career and have been at it ever since!

When I’m not pounding out the pages on my machine, I am enjoying lots of quality time with my three kids. My kids are super busy swimming on the Barracudas, and playing hockey, lacrosse and running cross-country. You will find me on the sidelines at each of their events cheering them on!

In addition to being super mom to my awesome kids, I love to SCUBA dive, travel near and far, camp, boat, ski, run a little, and spending time with my family and friends, cooking for them!

Dereck Fisher – Videographer, Trial & AV Support Specialist

My goal is to bring our company’s incredible list of services full circle by providing expertise in legal video and the award-winning trial presentation software TrialDirector.

In 2008, I traveled to Arizona to complete and receive the Certified Trainer Certificate from Indata. Since that time, I have assisted in case preparation, courtroom setup, video and document presentation, and trouble-shooting of any technical issues on a variety of cases.

A Certified Trainer of Trial Director 6, I am involved in the Legal Video, Video Conferencing, and heavy lifting here at Fisher. I am proudly indebted to our family business and have been a witness to the years of hard work and hospitality that goes into creating and providing a quality, reputable service. I have worked in many fields, but I truly love the way I get to bring my hands-on and personable attention to service to our clients.

I’m a Bozeman native, and grew up enjoying Montana and all the great outdoors have to offer, including my passions of water and snow skiing. I have two wonderful kids Jack and Mya. I live with a lot of gratitude and sincerity in my heart and I love to laugh. It’s great to be able to travel the state through this business, and  I feel lucky to be able to live and work alongside my family in a place that I love so much.


Lori McMullen – Administrative Manager

Hello! I’m Lori McMullen, Administrative Manager for FISHER. I grew up milking cows and stacking hay bales on my family’s ranch. I’m a nutritionist by education (Go Cats!), married to a wonderful Chilean man and mom to the cutest little boy Robert, and girl, Ivy, in the world. I enjoy finding great garage sale deals and crafting whenever possible.
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Leslie Jiang – Billings Office Manager

Johanna Mersen – Document Production Manager

Jim & Jorja Schreiber – Kalispell Office Managers

Jim grew up with Chuck in Miles City, Montana, and they have been lifelong friends ever since graduation. Jim and Jorja live in Big Fork and help to manage our Kalispell office and host our clients for depositions and video conferences. They are some of the kindest and most helpful people, and we are fortunate to have them there to help us take good care of our guests.

Duncan Cordell – Video Specialist & Marketing Associate

Hello! My name is Duncan and I am a video production specialist and marketing associate for Fisher Court Reporting. I grew up in Helena Montana and after graduating Helena High School in 2012, I moved to Bozeman for college to study business marketing and Hispanic studies. After receiving my diploma from Montana State University in May of 2016, I decided to remain in Bozeman. I enjoy hiking, skiing and many other outdoor activities that Montana has to offer.
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