Charles Fisher, Founder/Principal

After a tour in Vietnam, he returned to Montana and moved to Missoula to begin college at the University of Montana on the GI bill, but found that the university wasn’t really for him at the time. Having a mind and acumen for business and a penchant for hard work, he got into the recycling business with some friends and started the first recycling centers around Montana. He met Laura during this time, and they soon married. When they found out they were having their first child, they decided to seek a new professional career path. Searching for information on court reporting and for a change of scenery, they loaded up and headed off to Phoenix where he began school. Missing home and discovering that Phoenix was not quite where they wanted to start their business, Chuck and Laura decided to finish his schooling in Seattle, and then return home to Montana to establish their business. And Fisher Court Reporting was born.

Chuck has spent nearly 40 years court reporting and building his business with Laura, working out of various buildings in Bozeman, moving eastward down Mendenhall, ultimately to a little brick house where they spent most of their time churning and growing. He also relentlessly traveled the state and around the country reporting, and has incredible stories to tell about all the crazy and interesting adventures he’s had with many attorneys around the state.

About 10 years ago, having a vision to help alleviate some of that ongoing travel for the business, Chuck decided to open several Fisher hubs around the state to offer video conferencing and to be able to connect people for business in a meaningful way that would help save time, travel and expense. The business has continued to grow from there and currently supports a crew of 20+ people.

Over the years, Chuck and Laura loved to have a boat and bring their kids to the cabin at the lake during the summers. He loves music, playing the guitar, landscaping and working on projects. He mostly loves flying his Cessna 182 airplane which has continued for decades, flying all over the country, Canada, into the back country, and lately down into Mexico on the Baja, where he a Laura have found a wonderful little community to enjoy the sun and boat on the ocean amongst the sea creatures, when they’re not up in Montana working. He adores his 5 grandchildren who adore their “Pop”.