Laura Fisher – Founder/Business Manager

Knowing in her heart that she loved Montana, Laura convinced Chuck to move back to Bozeman where they founded Fisher Court Reporting in 1978 once Chuck graduated. They set up shop on West Mendenhall in Bozeman, and began pounding the pavement to meet attorneys and book depositions as they grew their family and tirelessly worked to establish the business. Laura did proofreading of transcripts, business management, finances, and was likely one of the first legal videographers in the state. They purchased a giant, overly expensive video camera when they first came out on a consumer-commercial level, and started taking video while Chuck reported. Over the years, she has continued to work incredibly hard, traveling the state over, videoing depositions, managing the business, and working with Chuck to cultivate a great group of reporters and staff, and to grow a wonderful clientele as the business has expanded across the state.

Laura loves to paint, to cook, to read, to travel and fly with Chuck on their excursions around the states and down to their little “casitas” on the Baja in Mexico when not up in Montana working, and to boat on the lake and ocean. She mostly loves spending time with her kids and family, and her 5 beautiful grandchildren.