With only one call, we will make all the arrangements for you, including:

  • scheduling services
  • researching and testing far end locations
  • helping with document preparations
  • overall communications

Fully Supported: Each conference is fully supported and managed, so you can focus on your business at hand, not the technology.
Sharing Materials: We have document sharing cameras and the ability to feed your laptop presentations into the video directly so your collaboration isn’t limited by distance.
Comfort & Amenities  You can expect hot coffee, cold beverages and snacks, office accommodations, wireless internet, and complete comfort.
Effective Interactions: We strive to recreate personable, roundtable settings so your meetings are as effective as they would otherwise be in person.
Bridging Services: We can also provide bridging services should you need to make more complex, multi-site calls.

Visit our locations page to see photos and learn more about what each facility has to offer.

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