TrialDirector® 6

Product PackagingTrialDirector 6

TrialDirector Features Summary


Transcript Management

  • Save and print searches
  • Issue-code transcripts and print associated digests
  • View linked exhibits
  • Print condensed transcripts with word index

Video Management

  • View video depositions of witnesses and parties
  • Create focused, insightful video clips for use at trial
  • Synchronize a video deposition to the transcript text
  • Generate designation reports and video clips for the court

Document Management

  • Pack up your entire case and then simply unpack it on your laptop for trial
  • Create witness and trial workbooks
  • Create and print exhibit/trial exhibit lists

Trial Presentation

  • “Tear out” a section of a document to focus the jury’s attention
  • Present exhibits in a side-by-side comparison
  • Play a witness’s video deposition with or without scrolling transcript text
  • Display a section of the transcript, to emphasize contradictory deposition testimony
  • Overlay exhibits – great for comparing authenticity of a signature

TrialDirector for iPad

Want to present your prepared case exhibits and video clips from the iPad? TrialDirector users can now transfer their case materials to the TrialDirector app and access the same organization, folders and workbooks as originally prepared in TrialDirector.

TrialDirector for iPad includes basic presentation tools such as:

  • Callouts/Zoom
  • Freehand writing
  • Highlight and redaction
  • Laser pointer
  • Freeform drawing on a virtual whiteboard
  • A variety of shapes, lines and drawing tools

You can also:

  • Bookmark your exhibits for quicker access
  • Present two exhibits side-by-side
  • Freeze the external display while you prepare the next exhibit
  • Present wirelessly using AirPlay Mirroring and AppleTV.

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